Current Express Courier service in Mississauga, Toronto, GTA
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We provide ONE-stop shopping for all your regional delivery needs.

Small Parcel to Large Skid Delivery Service

If your packages can fit in anything up to and including 7 ton trucks, we can deliver it.

Regular Courier Services

For those packages that had to get there yesterday! In the downtown Toronto area the Sizzler is a 40-minute service, for all other areas in the GTA the service is 45-90 minutes from the time of the call.

In the downtown Toronto area the Hot Shot is a 90 minute service. For all other areas in the GTA, pick-up and delivery is within 2 to 3 hours. Calls received up to 3pm will be delivered that day. Hot Shot AM can be called up to 4:30pm for delivery next morning.

In the downtown Toronto area it is a 3 hour service. For all other areas in the GTA, pick-up and delivery is within 5 hours. Calls received after the regular cut off time of 1pm will be delivered by 12 noon next business day.

Call up to 4:30pm for delivery by end of next business day. For delivery next morning by noon, ask for our Messenger AM service.

Anywhere in the GTA in 59 minutes or less. The delivery will be picked up within 15 minutes and driven directly to the destination. No stops or cut-off time applies to this dedicated service!

We will work late with you, and on weekends too!
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we deliver. Just call our regular phone line (905) 712-7874 and we will take care of the rest.

LTL & Truck Services

  • We have 3, 5 or 7 ton trucks available for loads of 1 to 10 skids.
  • Equipped with hydraulic tailgates to lift skids from ground level to dock.
  • Air ride comfort for protection of fragile or valuable shipments.
  • Hydraulic pallet trucks to move skids easily and securely.
  • Safety strapping secures shipments to lock-in wall system.
  • We can supply pallets and provide hand bombing or wrapping services for a nominal charge.

LTL and Truck Delivery Services

Additional Services

We offer a number of services designed to deliver all your specific courier needs.

These special services include:

NFO - next flight out to Ottawa, Montreal every hour, or other major cities.

Computerized billing facilitates breaking down your costs into department, job number or whatever you may require.

Pre-printed waybills with your company name as shipper, receiver or frequent delivery points are available.

Pre-scheduled pick-up and deliveries can be arranged to handle repetitive orders such as payroll, mail and bank deposits.

Out of Town, sameday services are available to almost anywhere in Ontario, as well as Montreal. Quotes on any out of town destination are available on request.

Insurance is included at no extra charge up to a $500 value and can be arranged for up to $50,000 with prior written notice.

Customer Satisfaction Through Technology

On-line Ordering System

At the heart of our commitment to customer service satisfaction is our investment in technology. Current Express Courier allocates significant resources to ensure our Ordering and Tracking System remains leading edge. It is an advanced, web-based, totally automated, real-time courier communication, tracking and reporting system. When your order is initiated via the internet, a variety of convenient features and benefits are available to you, such as:
  • Extremely easy to use via web browser and internet access.
  • Delivery information is updated in real time via mobile data devices and 2 way voice communications.
  • Automatically tracks shipping information from pick-up to delivery to invoice.
  • Information is protected by username and password access.
  • Users can search for orders by date range, control number, waybill, or shipper's reference.
  • A history on each shipment of date and times can be generated for various statuses such as POD.
  • Address book for all your frequent shipping destinations.
  • On-line order entry screen customizable for each client.

Note: Internet orders are handled during regular business hours (8am 6pm) Monday to Friday.
           Please call (905) 712-7874 for All after hours shipments.

To take advantage of our On-line Ordering System and make your ordering processes more efficient, simply contact us and we would be pleased to set you up with your own secure Customer Account.

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